Do you want to sell or rent a property (building, villa, apartment, plot of land or commercial premises) but don’t know at what price?

Are you curious to know if its value has increased today?

You can only get a precise answer with a property valuation, which Synapse Immobilier now offers free of charge!

Synapse Immobilier has been active in the real estate sector for many years, and has in-depth and expert knowledge of market trends. Today’s real estate market is subject to fluctuations over time and in different ways in different regions.

The type of property, the intended use, the surface area, the particular features of the house such as the presence of a garden, balconies, terraces, a garage, the quality, but also and above all the area in which it is located are all elements that influence the value of your property. These days, another important aspect not to be overlooked when valuing a property is the energy class to which it belongs.

While some of these elements may seem irrelevant to outsiders, they won’t be to professionals. Thanks to his skills and analytical abilities, he will be able to use each of these elements to put together a perfect puzzle to define the value of your property, enabling you to make the best possible profit.

Our professional valuation service is completely free of charge and without obligation. Contact us to find out more.

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